The InnoTech Team

Dr. Richard Kramer, Ph.D.

Richard D. Kramer, Ph.D., is the CEO of InnoTech Pest Management, Inc., a full-service pest control company serving residential and commercial properties in the greater Jacksonville, FL marketplace and extending southward into the coastal communities toward St. Augustine, Palm Coast and Flagler Beach.

Joshua Kramer

Joshua Kramer is the son and long-term business partner of Dr. Kramer. Since 2004, Joshua has had the distinctive honor, pleasure and unique opportunity to build a thriving pest management firm alongside his best friend and father.  Joshua was born and raised in Gainesville (until the age of 13) and much of his childhood was often spent with his father in the lab, learning the anatomical differences between bees and wasps (sometimes the hard way), examining the structure and classification of insects, and counting German cockroaches during his PhD studies at the University of Florida.

James Young

James serves as the VP of Business Development and Operations at InnoTech Pest Management. With over 25 years of experience in both the Pest Management and Facility Maintenance industries. James has participated in ownership, operational, marketing and strategic support of businesses with a focus within the public and private sectors, James brings a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge and has built several firms from the ground up and grew revenues that exceeded $5mm. This success has been the result of a strong entrepreneurial spirit, sound business practices and significant relationships. Mr. Young has an established reputation within the business community as a leader with the ability to successfully enhance revenue and success in all market sectors.