Innotech Pest Management, Inc.

Why InnoTech?

Family Owned and Operated

With a staff of the industry’s most talented and reliable pest control professionals, we are large enough to quickly respond to your most significant problems, and small enough to deliver the exceptional flexibility and service you deserve. Our entomologist-trained, state-certified technicians are experts in pest identification, habits, prevention and control. Our executive team is readily available to meet with you or answer your questions.

Our Visionary Leadership

Dr. Kramer’s vision of recognizing unmet needs within the industry and his leadership in setting the standard for professional responsibility are key to his vision for Innotech Pest Management.

We believe that integrity, trust, excellence in customer service and professional responsibility form the core of our organization.

Our dedicated employees embrace these values. We operate as one of the fastest-growing full-service residential and commercial pest management companies in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, St. Johns, Crescent Beach, Ponte Vedra, Palm Valley, Nocatee, and surrounding metropolitan areas.

Innotech Pest Management, Inc. Owners

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The InnoTech Process

Our process begins with you—our customer.  From the time we take your call to the completion of service, we are on your agenda every step of the way.  This means physically answering your call so that we are immediately positioned to learn about your pest problems, perform a detailed inspection of your property and conditions conducive to pest entry, presenting options for remediation as well as future pest prevention, and ensuring that we maintain open and continuous communication every step of the way.

We are transparent with our information, pricing, customer education and our state-of-the-art software that allows us further flexibility when planning our visit to your home.  We either provide “on-time” appointments or no more than a “2-hour” window of time for each appointment.  We know you are busy and we respect your time—so no more waiting around all day for your technician to show up.  Ahead of every appointment, we call to let you know we are en route!  Prefer a text or email?  Our PestRoutes software allows for that flexibility—and the benefit to you is streamlined communication that minimizes scheduling errors.

At the completion of every service, an email hits your inbox with a completed and detailed service ticket so you can easily see what was done, how it was done, when it was done and catalog your service visit history for future reference.  Every customer is granted access to our PestRoutes customer portal where your complete service history can be accessed, where invoices can be viewed for secure online payment and where additional services can be requested.

Our combined industry experience approaches 100 years—so we have had more than ample time to hone our processes.  We differentiate our business by getting the little things right.  That means—listening to our customers, devising solutions based on your concerns and needs, showing up in a timely manner, providing you with top-notch entomologist-trained technicians that are competent and excellent communicators—concerned with protecting your families and pets from nuisance or dangerous pests, providing secure and flexible billing and payment options, and if we ever make a misstep—we own it.  That is the InnoTech Pest difference!

How We Began

InnoTech Pest Management, Inc. was founded by a team of diversified experts that include its CEO and Technical Director, Richard D. Kramer, Ph. D. and Board Certified Entomologist, Joshua Kramer, President and seasoned industry expert who was responsible for scaling one of the nations top 100 revenue producing pest management firms over a 14-year span, James Young, an expert in environmental atmospheric debris, grime and mold remediation, and Stephen Kramer—who brings wildlife, pest control, construction and exclusion expertise.

InnoTech Pest Management, Inc. was founded by a team of diversified experts that include its CEO and Technical Director, Richard D. Kramer, Ph. D. and Board Certified Entomologist, Joshua Kramer, President and seasoned industry expert who was responsible for scaling one of the nations top 100 revenue producing pest management firms over a 14-year span, James Young, an expert in environmental atmospheric debris, grime and mold remediation, and Stephen Kramer—who brings wildlife, pest control, construction and exclusion expertise.

Prior to forming InnoTech Pest, Dr. Kramer served for 22 years as a U.S. Army entomologist following his undergraduate degree in entomology at the University of Florida. Nationally recognized as a leader in his field, Dr. Kramer is one of the top entomologists in the country and is a Board Certified Entomologist (BCE) in Urban Entomology with over 40 years of experience. He has held the prestigious position of Director of Research, Education, and Technical Services for the National Pest Management Association, consulted internationally for the U.S. State Department, wrote a monthly column in Pest Control Technology, and authored the most recent edition of the Technician’s Handbook—used by thousands of field technicians throughout the country. He has worked alongside his son and co-founder Joshua for the past 14 years.

Dr. Richard Kramer, our co-founder and CEO received his BS in Agriculture (1969), MS (1975) in veterinary entomology, and his Ph.D. in urban entomology (1987) from the University of Florida. In fact, Dr. Kramer was the first Ph.D. student of the world-renowned UF professor Dr. Phil Koehler.  He is a member of the Entomological Society of America and a Board Certified Entomologist in Urban and General Entomology.  After spending 22 years as an Army entomologist and serving on the joint-forces pest-management board, he spent 6 years as the Director of Education and Technical Resources for our industry’s trade association, the National Pest Management Association.  

Combining his unmatched background with 15 additional years of experience as an owner-operator of a pest management business, you can rest assured that our technical knowledge is our greatest asset.  All of our state-registered and state-licensed applicators receive on-going state-mandated continuing education courses.  In-house, our team members attend monthly pest management training meetings.  A typical in-house training meeting would involve:

  • Prepared agenda for technician and office staff.
  • Inclusion of technicians and office staff (so that we are prepared for you at every level). 
  • Interactive participation, dialogue and a recap of pests observed in the field during the previous monthly period.  
  • Discussion of seasonal, relevant pests observed or expected during seasonal time-frame.
  • Microscopic viewing, participation and overhead projection including biology, habits and discussion of synthetic insecticidal, organic insecticidal, baiting/trapping options, as well as non-chemical exclusionary measures.
  • Source of pest issue identification and subsequent resolutions. 
  • Operational and administrative leadership discussion.
  • Question & Answers with Dr. Kramer and the executive team.

As a benefit to our customer base, we happily provide “no-charge” training programs for our client groups such as property managers, tenant associations, HOAs, special needs, homeless shelter communities and realtor teams.  We happily provide this service in addition to other pro-bono services as part of our commitment to community service.

To lead the industry with the highest regard for ethics, honesty, technical ability, and environmental sustainability.  We pledge to provide our customers with exemplary customer-focused service and our growth will be fueled by this commitment.  To provide our customers necessary and complete pest management solutions that meet their needs, their concerns and their budgets. 

As our name implies, “InnoTech” is the intersection of where “Innovation and Technology meet Pest Management.”  This platform creates customer-centric synergies and customer-friendly benefits including: 

  • Excellence in communication as all personnel carry internet-ready mobile smart devices and mobile numbers for our office and field technicians are provided to customers so no “red tape” or lags in communication exist.   
  • Completely paperless capabilities—detailed service tickets (where photos, measurements and other key details) are captured as our servicing technicians carry mobile-app enabled smartphones with bar-code scanning technology for accounts.
  • Invoicing and bill-pay options through our secure online customer pay-portal.  
  • 24-7 customer access to our proprietary-based PestRoutes CRM platform so that you may request additional service, access your service history, related uploaded images, as well as detailed information regarding each respective service performed. 
  • Bar-coded and hand-held scanning technology for designated pest zones, rodent control stations, termite control stations and other target-areas so that you can ensure that service continuity and compliance are adhered to.  
  • 24-7 access to our digital InnoTech Pest Library and InnoTech Video Library where you can easily access specific pest biology, habits and control for what’s bugging you.
  • Subscription to Dr. Kramer’s monthly podcast.   

These unique customer relationship management tools are designed to support you and foster our commitment to providing you with streamlined digital communication, exemplary customer service and providing complete pest control solutions that meet your needs, your concerns and your budgets.  Because we aim to lead the industry in ethics, technical ability and honesty, our processes and capabilities provide you the transparency and high-level communication you deserve during every service visit.  

Emergency Pest Control and Saturday Services

All InnoTech Pest Management, our personnel carry internet-ready mobile smart devices so that they can be contacted directly by their customers and office via voice,  email or SMS text messaging.  As our customers, we happily provide cellular numbers to servicing technicians and key members of our organization.  We believe that the true measure of an organization is how they handle a crisis or situation when the unexpected happens.  Thus, we want you to rest assured that if that time arises—we will have your back!  

Emergency service can typically be provided on the same day or following business day. Our personnel are trained, prepared and empowered to provide direct and immediate responses to their customers.  This provides you confidence that your problem will be handled efficiently and affords you a timely response to your pest management needs.  

We recognize that our customers may dictate what constitutes a bonafide emergency.  While we will help you navigate the emergency from the time of notification, you can rest assured that our team will spring into action as we’ve got your pests in our crosshairs!