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Wildlife and Animal Control in St. Augustine, FL.

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We all love wildlife—but not in our homes or places of business.

There are many species of animals that wreak havoc in our attics, walls, chimneys, vent pipes, or our yards and too many—this can be unsettling and sometimes create a frightening encounter.

While these animals are merely looking for the necessities to sustain life, establish a new nest to deliver off-spring or escape the elements, they can cause tremendous damage to wires, plumbing and potentially create a fire hazard.  These animals can also pose a risk of attacking humans or domestic animals if handled improperly.

Our exclusion work is always guaranteed so if your uninvited house guests return, so do we.
pest control st augustine fl

Our team of trained wildlife experts will not only diagnose and control the species of animal invasion but also create and implement a game plan to resolve your issue.


Our systematic approach entails:

  1. Deploying appropriate trapping devices, Have-A-Heart cages, or one-way doors over the target animal’s entry points in an effort to remove them from the structure.
  2. Perform exclusion or sealing of entry points that were conducive to target animal entry.
  3. Following our mutual determination that all nuisance animals have been removed, our team will remove the remaining traps and ensure that the opening is permanently closed.