Green & Organic Pest Control Services

We are committed to low environmental impact.

As a company, we are committed to sustainable pest prevention while maintaining the lowest possible environmental impact. This requires employing an integrated holistic approach to your pest problems which results in improved indoor air quality, benefits the local ecosystem and those in the immediate surrounding community.

This process begins by properly identifying specific pests that pose a problem. By correctly identifying your pests, we can then draw on our expert knowledge of biology, habits and make targeted pesticide selections based on this identification and subsequent information. Oftentimes, however, only a small amount of pesticide is required in combination with other non-chemical methodologies to resolve a tough pest issue.

Some of these physical measures include: grading modifications to reduce moisture pressure against foundations, sealing entry points and cracks/crevices that are conducive to pest entry, screening off louvered vents allowing wasp entry, making vegetation recommendations to reduce the attraction of certain pests, filling weep-holes with special weep-vent materials that do not impede airflow but eliminate pest entry and a host of other non-chemical measures. As you can see, we do not subscribe to the “one-size-fits-all” approach to pest control—as we approach each situation as unique.

Although pesticides are often part of an elimination strategy, we proudly offer a full range of organic materials that are typically plant or citrus-based oil derivatives. Our staff is at the ready to discuss these options with you in greater detail and green technologies such as exclusion are always part of our Home Shield and Home Shield PLUS preventive pest control programs.