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COVID-19 / Sars-CoV-2 and Disinfectant Virucide Services

Unfortunately, 2020 has been largely marred by a complex and relentless virus.

Given the right conditions, this virus replicates very quickly—producing tens of millions of copies of itself in a matter of hours or days.  The virus can prove fairly innocuous so long as it remains in the nasal or upper-respiratory regions.  However, when the virus migrates into the lungs and lower respiratory system, that is where it becomes deathly challenging to manage. 

While this respiratory virus spreads via microscopic droplets, the virus can also survive on common surfaces for several days—further increasing the risk of transmission.  InnoTech Pest is readily available to discuss and implement wide-spectrum virucide programs for your St. Johns County, Flagler Country or Duval County, FL home or place of business to help mitigate this novel threat.  

The premise behind disinfectant services is to apply and kill viruses that exist on surfaces at the time of application.  There is no known residual capability for any virucidal material.  Because our credibility is among our greatest assets, we want to establish transparency in expected outcomes.  Thus, our application of broad-spectrum virucides will undoubtedly kill viruses on contact, however, services will need repetition as part of an ongoing virus-reduction program. 

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Our DSV-applied material is dispersed by trained applicators that protect and defend north-Florida families with an all-in-1 solution that serves as a highly effective and powerful sanitizer and disinfectant against disease-causing bacteria. DSV is also a very powerful virucide, capable of killing the viruses you have read about in today’s headlines, as well as many others that you may not even be aware are talking about. DSV can be used to clean and disinfect any compromised environment, such as a home with moisture damage or situations that involve a pest infestation. DSV is capable of killing Hepatitis, HIV, Influenza and even Staphylococcus. When it comes to sanitation, DSV does it right.

When it comes to sanitation, DSV does it right.
  • DSV is designed for use on hard, non-porous inanimate surfaces
  • Thoroughly wet surface and allow to set for 10-minutes then rinse or allow to air dry, wiping up any excess liquid
  • For heavily soiled surfaces, a pre-cleaning may be required
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses and even small flies
  • The dilution ratio for general disinfection is 2 oz. per gallon of water
  • 1 Gal. of solution makes 64 Gal. of usable cleaning solution
  • Combat germs and illness in schools, restaurants, kitchens, and many more settings.
  • All food contact surfaces must be rinsed with potable water

Please NOTE:  your expectation should recognize that applications of virucides are designed to reduce the risk of viruses at the immediate time of application.  No virucides offer residual capability.  Virucide applications aim to reduce the spread of viruses indicated on each respective virucide label but cannot prevent an individual or group of individuals from exposure to viruses.

Drain Cleaning & Disinfection Services

InnoTech Pest provides north-Florida commercial properties with a wide range of disinfection and organic matter removal/remediation services such as drain cleaning.  Maintenance to residential, commercial and institutional drains are of paramount importance to mitigate the spread of disease, reduce vector breeding sites and reduce overall filth-fly populations.  We routinely provide these services to dialysis centers, health clubs, government installations, restaurants/food-service facilities and other areas where people spend time.  Filth flies such as phorid flies, drain flies and their pre-adult stages are considered mechanical vectors.  As mechanical vectors, these flies contaminate the surfaces of virtually everything they land on.  As a result, they are not only carriers of disease, but they are also transporters of disease.  

Without routine sanitation practices and maintenance, grime and bacteria are transferred every time a fly emerges from these breeding sites and lands on our food, faces or furnishings.  

Merely pouring bleach, cleaners or hot water down drains does not aid in these problems.  Our staff is prepared with PPE—Personal Protective Equipment and a host of enzymatic agents to physically scrape, brush and remove the decomposing organic matter that is conducive to filth fly breeding and overall pest activity.  If your structure or home was invaded by nuisance wildlife such as pigeons or bats, their droppings can create respiratory illness, soil insulation, create ectoparasites—all health hazards and concerns that should only be remedied by trained, certified pest professionals.

For more information on how to eliminate nuisance flies such as drain flies or phorid flies as well as fly breeding sites in St. Johns County, Duval County or Flagler county homes and businesses, click to visit our pest library where Dr. Kramer, our co-founder explains how to control and eliminate filth-fly-related problems.