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Ant Control

Problems with Ants?

With our team of entomologist trained, licensed pest control technicians, InnoTech Pest is the ideal choice in ant control for homes and businesses throughout Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palm Coast and the surrounding areas.  Ants are no match for our decades-long experience in properly identifying ant species, understanding ant colony behavior and selecting environmentally considerate and materials to eliminate them. 

After all, we know you didn’t invite that army of ants to your backyard barbeque—so let the family-owned and operated InnoTech pros help you say your last “goodbyes” to ants!

Simply stated, we know that ants don’t belong in your home or business.  So, why are they there in the first place?  Ants are attracted to most structures because of the presence of moisture.  There is plenty of readily available foodstuffs on the exterior of homes and commercial buildings, but ants will often enter homes and businesses during periods of drought or if moisture conditions are present around the exterior of structures.  Ants may enter through weep-holes, cracks and crevices, expansion joints of concrete slabs, small penetrations around spigots or pipe chases or broken caulking around windows.  Their nests may be subsequently located inside a wall void, behind siding or under over-wintered leaves at the base of exterior plantings.  Regardless of whether or not odorous house ants, pavement ants, fire ants or carpenter ants are invading your home or just merely creating a nuisance, you can count on the professional ant control experts at InnoTech Pest to develop a comprehensive ant management program to rid your home or business of these pesky critters. Our ongoing pest control services not only focus on ant removal, but are also designed to prevent nuisance, destructive, and sometimes dangerous ants from returning.

palm coast pest control

During your ant control service, our service technicians will work meticulously to eliminate your existing infestation as well as create a residual barrier of defense—that continues to work even if new colonies move in.  With nationally recognized entomologist Dr. Richard Kramer at the helm, you can rest assured that your ants are in our crosshairs and as such, we’ll have your ant problem eliminated in no time!

For more information, click to visit our pest library where Dr. Kramer, our co-founder, explains how to control and eliminate ant colonies in your north-Florida home.