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Bed Bug Control

Got Bed Bugs?

After providing effective bed bug remediation services for thousands of customers over the past twenty years, we understand that the discovery of a bed bug infestation is highly unnerving. Despite the fact that bed bugs do no transmit disease, these cryptic insects are almost exclusively nocturnal feeders.  Because bed bugs typically feed at night and due to the fact that up to 30% of people have no reaction to bed bug bites, infestations can often go unnoticed for many weeks or even months.  Most, however, will react to bed bug bites as a function of small amounts of saliva that are left behind following a bed bug bite. Typically, reactions are similar to mosquito bites for most people—but can lead to secondary infection if bite sites are disturbed. 

If you have bed bugs in your St. Johns County, Flagler County or Duval County home, fear not—the entomologist trained professionals at InnoTech Pest are here to help!

Our administrative team, technical team and our entomologist are readily available to answer your questions and respond to your concerns thoroughly, patiently and promptly.  Our teams routinely design corrective and preventive programs for residential properties, multi-unit properties and virtually any commercial sites.  

When selecting a company to remedy your bed bug infestation in St. John’s County, Duval County, Flagler County and surrounding areas, it is important that you retain the company based on expertise, methodology, material selection and high level of confidence that the applicators will perform thorough treatments during the initial and subsequent follow-up visits.  

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We view our approach as innovative and unique as every bed bug situation is different. Our process is simple:
  • Perform detailed inspection and dialogue with customers.
  • Based on findings, develop specific preparation instructions that are unique to your situation.
  • Decide on a comprehensive list of materials, treatment methodology, and explain methods of application and establish customer expectations for treatment and success.
  • Discuss additional options for long-term control, mattress protection, use of Protect-a-Bed covers, Climb-Ups and additional tools for consideration.
  • Create electronic service ticket detailing areas inspected, areas treated, materials used, application techniques, notes on unique findings and written plan for follow-up applications/timeline.
  • Perform necessary follow-up applications and ensure that problem is resolved.
  • Provide customer access to online portal, pest library for resources related to infestation.