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Commercial Services

We understand that even a seemingly small commercial pest control issue in an occupied building, health care facility or food-establishment can have adverse economic consequences, reduce plant productivity, interrupt normal daily personnel operations, create unexpected burdens on management, and harm your reputation.

Our St. Augustine team understands the importance of protecting your reputation as Dr. Richard Kramer, our co-founder and nationally-renowned staff entomologist (University of Florida) has been designing and implementing discreet and impactful preventive pest programs for commercial, institutional and government organizations for more than 30 years including but not limited to:

  • Lincoln Property Company
  • CBRE
  • U.S. Department of State
  • The U.S. Secret Service
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Department of Defense
  • Various Military Installations
  • County Governments
  • Aramark
  • Sodexo
  • Centerplate

These prominent organizations entrust us with the responsibility of creating and maintaining healthy, environmentally sound, pest-free solutions and we look forward to partnering with you — to design a needs-based, discreet, impactful preventive pest plan that:

  • Minimizes pesticide exposure to occupants by creating targeted inspection and monitoring of areas where pests are likely to harbor.
  • Mitigate interior pest activity by devising an inspection and monitoring process with routine frequency.
  • Properly identifying each species of pest, identifying the source of pest entry and eliminating it.
  • Implementing, maintaining and capturing pest-related data via electronic barcoding.

We pride ourselves on performing service to our commercial clients during times that buildings, structures or food-service facilities are unoccupied or under-occupied. This philosophy is customer-centric and allows our team to perform service in a safe and discreet manner. Simply stated, our goal is to be invisible to your tenants, occupants and/or guests.

Rarely are pesticide applications needed within a building or structure. However, if the need arises, our flexible team will work around you—this often means performing service after-hours or before hours in furtherance of our philosophy.

Our Commercial-based clients have the benefits of having access to our service technicians 24-7, flexibility in scheduling, access to our proprietary-based software where they can view service history, process invoices and access tools to maintain the highest degree of knowledge and access to our staff-entomologist.

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Our specialized team has provided a full range of commercial pest management services to a diverse group of industries including, but not limited to:

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LEED-Green Buildings
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Office Buildings
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Convention Centers
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Health Care Facilities
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Distribution / Warehouses
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Multi-Unit Apartments
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Government Buildings
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Food Service / Processing Facilities

Each of these industries requires specialized knowledge of their respective structures and we have honed our process over the past two decades to blend expertise with product innovation and technology that minimizes pest activity, protects your structures for the long-haul and leverages.

We also provide a full range of maintenance services related to pest control, such as exclusion, caulking, sealing, door sweep installation, drain cleaning, pressure washing and soffit repair/replacement and more.