Termite Control

If left undetected, termites can threaten your greatest investment.

There are a number of environmental factors and building practices that create a termite-hotbed for Florida homes and structures.  Sandy soil, higher water tables, slab-on-grade construction and commonly applied stucco walls that extend below-grade are just a few of the many contributing factors that are conducive to subterranean (Reticulitermes spp.), Formosan and dry-wood termite infestations.

While there are significant differences in the biology, habits and routes of introduction for these commonly infesting termite species, the one commonality is that they are innately skillful at going unnoticed in their endless quest for wood and cellulose-based materials.  In north-Florida homes, an infestation may go unnoticed for months or years due to the fact that most damage is done behind walls and because of their discreet feeding habits.  

The pros at InnoTech Pest Management, Inc. have you covered with our entomologist-trained inspection techniques, aggressive in-ground around-the-clock subterranean termite monitoring devices and liquid Termidor termiticide options to protect your structure and keep it termite-free for many years to come.

You can rest assured that if termites return, so do we. Our process is simple:
  1. We inspect, evaluate your home and conditions conducive to termite infestation and document findings.
  2. We educate and present findings and options for corrective or preventive treatment.
  3. We implement and execute our strategy.

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