Drugstore Beetle

What do drugstore beetles look like?

  • Light brown to reddish-brown.
  • Adults and larvae are approximately 1/16 to 1/8 inch long.
  • Drugstore beetles have a humpbacked appearance and the head is not visible.
  • “Pits” on their wing covers are arranged in long rows.
  • Their antennae terminate in a distinct club composed of three elongated segments.
  • Larvae are C-shaped, relatively hairless, and do not have a fuzzy appearance.

What are the habits of drugstore beetles?

  • Drugstore beetle females lay their eggs in a single fashion and near the food they are infesting.
  • Developmental time between egg-adult is about seven months.
  • In houses, it is generally accepted that drugstore beetles have one generation/year.
  • They easily penetrate packaging materials such as light plastic covered food-stuffs.
  • Adults can fly and are readily attracted to light.

What kind of damage is caused by drugstore beetles?

  • Drugstore beetles feed upon all types of foods, spices, grains, leather, wool, hair, books, drugs, and museum items.
  • As a function of feeding on dried food stuffs and belongings, they cause economic damage by way of infestation and contaminating these items.  
  • Contaminated items should be discarded. 

What should I look for?   

  • Evidence of infestation in stored products and storage areas as noted by the physical presence of foraging beetles.  

How do you control and eliminate drugstore beetles?

  • Moderate to heavily infested materials should be discarded.
  • An alternative to disposal is heat treatment (140 to 176 F for several hours) which kills all life stages of the drugstore beetle—although this method is generally cost-prohibitive.
  • Pheromone traps may be used to identify areas of significant activity.
  • Books, manuscripts, furniture, and other infested materials that are not easily replaced might require fumigation by a professional in order to control drugstore beetles.
  • Pesticide applications are supplementary to the identification and subsequent elimination of infested material and should never be used as the sole means of control.

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