Mosquito Control

Fight the Bite!

When mosquitoes are zeroing in on us in pursuit of their next blood-meal, many of us may not even realize that these little bloodsuckers are the deadliest animal in the world.  In African nations, more than 800,000 people per year die of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases.  While we are fortunate that cases of malaria, dengue, West-Nile, Zika and other encephalitic diseases have been kept to a minimum in north-east Florida and the greater United States, there are other reasons to use mosquito suppression services at your home or business.  

Perhaps the most important reason to use mosquito suppression services is to comfortably use your backyard without being attacked by these blood-thirsty insects.

InnoTech offers two types of effective mosquito control options that will ensure that the number of available mosquitoes in your immediate surrounding area will be greatly reduced. 

Seasonal Mosquito Plans

Option 1:  Synthetic Pyrethroid 

  • Product: Demand CS (lambda-cyhalothrin) or Suspend Polyzone (deltamethrin).
  • These synthetically-engineered products are designed to resist breakdown due to moisture and oxidation and are applied to the underside of low lying vegetation, fence-lines, the foliage around shaded areas, low-lying tree canopies, the underside of porches and decking, around exterior fixtures of home and many more locations.  
  • Synthetic pyrethroids have the benefit of engineered materials that don’t break down as easily and consequently are applied only “once-per-month.”
Synthetic Seasonal Cost (April – October)
  • Detached Home: $75/month (.25acre-1/2acre) options. 
  • Town Home/Row Home: $55+/month

Option 2: Natural Organic

  • Product: Essentria IC3 manufactured by Envincio contains Rosemary Oil, Geraniol (derivative of rose, palmarosa, and citronella oils), and Peppermint Oil).
  • For maximum effectiveness, these organics must be applied as frequently as “twice per month.”
  • The greatest benefit to organics is the application of naturally-occurring botanicals however, the cost due to the need to apply twice as often is greater as these naturally occurring materials break down over 15 days. 
Organic Seasonal Cost (April – October)
  • Detached Home: $150/month (.25acre-1/2acre)
  • Town Home/Row Home: $110/month

Both mosquito management suppression options involve a property-wide inspection for mosquito breeding sites and conditions, such as: exterior lighting on your home, breeding sites and other conditions that attract mosquitoes. Products are not applied directly to grass, patios, pavers or hardscape. 

Our Board Certified Entomologist or team of State-certified technicians will gladly assist you with making an informed decision that meets your needs and your budget.  If you need help designing an effective mosquito control program and you live in the greater Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Vilano Beach, St. Augustine Beach, Palm Coast or Flagler Beach areas of north Florida, contact us or schedule an appointment today!