The Best Rodent Control Services in St Augustine, FL

St. Augustine, Florida, is known as the Nation’s Oldest City. The locals also call it the Old City or the Ancient City. Since its founding in 1565, the place has piqued visitors’ curiosity, causing tourists to flock in each year. It began as a European established settlement and grew to a city with an old-world charm, complete with historical landmarks and cobblestone streets.

Unfortunately, visitors and tourists aren’t the only ones who became curious about St. Augustine. With a humid subtropical climate, typical of all Gulf and South Atlantic states, the place has become a cozy area for rodents to breed. This problem necessitated certain services such as rodent control in St. Augustine.

The city of St. Augustine is only four miles from the coast. This mostly warm climate area is perfect for biodiversification. Unfortunately, the weather allows for pests to get near residential areas, business hubs and government offices. But there’s no need to fret when the best rodent control services in St. Augustine are within easy reach.

When you search for rodent pest control near me, Innotech Pest Management is one of the names you can trust on that list. We are a family-owned company providing excellent rodent control services since 2004. Residents rely on us to provide top-notch rat removal in St. Augustine. We built and nurtured this trust with our clients over the years.

We’re the most thorough and experienced professionals in the field of rodent control, St. Augustine. Led by a father and son team of entomologists who have studied insects, we are highly qualified to deal with various pest infestations. In addition, we are the most technically experienced Florida Bradenton rat removal company in the business.

Our team has a combined professional experience totaling almost 100 years in the pest control industry. No matter your pest control needs, we are here to help. We have the experience, training and state-of-the-art rodent control products to protect your homes and businesses and keep you safe.

The Best Rodent Control Services in St. Augustine, FL

Expert Home-Sealing Exclusion Services To Keep Pests Out Long-Term

We’re duly certified and highly trained technicians. What does that mean for you? First, we give you the complete service package. Our rodent control services focus on identification, control and prevention.

Can’t tell what type of pest is invading your home? All you need to do is to take a picture of these critters and send them to us. These photos will be a big help in the pest control process.

We can identify what type of pest it is and determine their habits, breeding grounds and other relevant information about them. If you’re searching online for rodent control near me, Innotech Pest Management is one of the trusted names you’ll find on your list in St. Augustine, Florida. We’ve been serving residents, identifying and managing pests for many years.

We are a team of local roof rat removers, which means we know the area and have extensively studied the pests that thrive here. Usually, the rodents that inhabit these subtropical climates enter your homes and businesses through unchecked openings in the exterior. We will advise you on the best prevention methods, which includes expert home-sealing as a part of our Home Shield Program.