Rodent Control

Roof rats, Norway rats, the common house mouse, white-footed deer mouse…

Rodents may take advantage of unchecked exterior openings surrounding your home or structure.  While these animals are merely looking for the necessities to sustain life, establish a new nest to deliver offspring or escape the elements, they can cause tremendous damage to wires, plumbing and potentially create a fire hazard.   However, they’re no match for our team of expert, entomologist-trained technicians who are extremely well-versed in the roles of identification, development of environmentally-considerate and permanent solutions to address your rodent or other pest problems. Our team is excellent at pairing a preventive pest plan that both responds to your needs and meets your budget.

Most companies do not offer home-sealing exclusion services. However, because our philosophy is rooted with you—our customer in mind—we believe in solving your pest problems for the long-haul.

All homes and business structures are unique and inevitably have cracks and crevices, openings around water spigots or pipe chases, gaps around soffits or fascia boards, vents that require screening, underside of siding that requires j-channel, gaps under doors that need sealants or nylon-bristle sweeps, and many other types of minor short-comings.  Regardless of whether or not roof rats have chewed openings through your soffit or mice have entered your home through large weep-holes in your brick foundation we identify and fix these openings to permanently resolve your rodent problems!

You can rest assured that we have you covered as our founder, Dr. Richard Kramer earned his BS, MS and Ph.D. in Urban Entomology from the University of Florida—so pests are no match for our expertise.

We always guarantee our exclusion work, so if your uninvited house guests return, so do we!